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News about Jackie from 2023

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28 december 2023 : Added 2 music videos with Jackie from her visit to SiruisXM:
Jackie singing 'O Holy night' and 'At Least I have Santa'.

6 november 2023 : Added a radio interview with Flow Music and Jackie talks about her new song 'Behind My Eyes'.

13 november 2023 : Added an article from TickerTV News, where Jackie talks about: A Journey of Self-Expression through Songwriting.

12 november 2023 : Added an article from Talent Recap where Jackie explains transition from opera to pop music.

3 november 2023 : Jackie has relesed her new song 'Consequences'.

7 october 2023 : Added a new video with Jackie performed live at Nashville’s The Bowery Vault with Greg Camp on guitar, with 'Behind My Eyes'.

2 october 2023 : Added a radio interview with Radio 3 'The Brew' with Jackie, where you can hear a new song 'Broken Things'.

25 september 2023 : Added some articles to the Articles about Jackie page.

14 september 2023 : Added a video from 'Fox 5 New York', where Jackie preformed with 'Behind My Eyes'.

8 september 2023 : Jackie has relesed her new song 'Behind My Eyes'. Jackie says about the song 'My hope is that my new music, and more specifically, resonates with you all, and you each are able to connect with the song in your own way. You can read the lyrics here.
Also Jackie and Greg Camp has completed a 5 track EP (out in 2024), all songs written by Jackie and produced by Greg Camp. Upcomming new songs are: 'Consequensec', 'Broken Things', 'Smoking Gun' and 'Get Out Of My Life'.

4 september 2023 : Added some new photos to the gallery from the article from 'New York Post'.
Photo credit: Tamara Beckwith/NY Post.

3 september 2023 : Added an article with 'New York Post', about after struggling with an eating disorder and the pressures of fame, former child singing sensation Jackie Evancho is making a comeback — and this time it’s personal.

29 august 2023 : Added a video with Jackie singing 'The Star Spangled Banner' during Ocean City’s daily flag-raising ceremony outside the Ocean City Music Pier. (26 august 2023).

26 august 2023 : Jackie wrote on Facebook: "In my musical transformation era 'Behind My Eyes', written and sung by me and produced by SmashMouth's Greg Camp, will be out September 8".

16 august 2023 : Jackie wrote on Facebook: "I have a handful of swag bags left over from my recent listening events, and I thought it would be fun to give them away to five lucky fans to celebrate new music coming! The bags include an autographed journal featuring cover art by me, as well as a Melody Place Music T-shirt". Enter to win now through Tuesday, September 5, click here:

10 august 2023 : Today 13 years ago, something big happened for Jackie, that changed Jackie's life forever, if you can't guess it, you are not really a Jackie fan.

8 august 2023 : Jackie wrote on her Facebook page: "I’ve been busy in the studio for some time writing and recording new music that, through self discovery and finding my own ‘voice,’ is unlike anything I’ve ever done before". Read about it here.

5 august 2023 : Added the sound for Jackie as guest DJ on SiriusXX's 'Siriusly Sinatra' channel from the 5'th august 2023.

1 august 2023 : I have just discovered that over 2 years ago I had made a page about Jackie's performance as Kitty at The Masked Singer, but forgot to add links to it on the website. So better late than never, here it is.

31 july 2023 : Jackie Evancho takes over as guest DJ on SiriusXX's 'Siriusly Sinatra' channel. Jackie announced on social media that she will be playing some of her favorite Sinatra tunes.
Here is a link to SiriusXM website.

29 july 2023 : Found some videos from Jackie's Keek page on my harddisk. Jackie's mother Lisa recorded them around 2014, and put it on there Keek page, but this page is closed now, but you can see them all here at the Keek page.

27 july 2023 : Made some small changes on how to download pictures in the gallery.

17 july 2023 : Added new pictures to the gallery.

11 july 2023 : Jackie has put up a video with her new song 'Get Out Of My Life', on her TikTok page.

26 june 2023 : Jackie is speaking out about her struggles with mental health on a video she posted on her Facebook page. You can watch the video here.

28 may 2023: Added a interview with Jackie from the American Songwriter YouTube page. To watch the interview 'Click here'.

3 may 2023 : There are still a lot of imposter accounts on social media pretending to be Jackie, and in december 2022 Jackie warned fans about 'imposter accounts' on social media.

25 april 2023 : Added the lyrics for 'At Least I Have Santa'.

9 april 2023 : HAPPY BIRTHDAY JACKIE.. 23 years.. Have a fantastic day with family and friends...

21 january 2023 : Added pictures to the 2023 Gallery with Jackie from Harper's Bazaar where she shows fashion brands while shopping at the fruit stand, or hanging at her local favorite cafe and rooftops.

1 january 2023 : Happy new year to all of you.

Photo Credit: Tamara Beckwith/NY Post

Photo Credit: Christina Turino

Photo Credit: Christina Turino

Photo Credit: Christina Turino

Photo Credit: Christina Turino

Photo Credit: Christina Turino

Photo Credit: Christina Turino

Photo Credit: Tamara Beckwith/NY Post

Photo Credit: Tamara Beckwith/NY Post

Photo Credit: Jackie's Facebook

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