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About Jackie Evancho
Detailed description of Jackie's career.

Jacqueline Marie 'Jackie' Evancho was born 9 April 2000.

Jackie's parents are Lisa and Michael Evancho. Jackie has an older sister Juliet (Born Jacob), a younger brother Zachary, and a younger sister Rachel. Jackie was born in Richland Township, a suburb of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States.

Jackie started singing just before her 8 years birthday, after she saw the movie musical 'The Phantom of the Opera'. Jackie's mother bought the film on DVD, and Jackie began to sing songs from the movie in the family home. Jackie's parents have said at the time that there was something special about Jackie's voice. One of the first video's on, I could find where Jackie is only 7 years old and singing 'Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again' and it is from 2007. Jackie's first talent competition in april 2008 with 'Kean Idol', where Jackie sang 'Ave Maria', a local talent contest where she got second place, first place went to a 20-year-old opera singer. Jackie started taking voice lessons for her success in the competition, and Jackie's parents started getting inquiries about Jackie could sing at various events and nursing homes, mostly in Pennsylvania.

The first time that Jackie caught record producer David Foster's attention was in 2009, after Jackie had sent a video to him, she was elected in the regional semifinal to David Foster Talent Search Contest, where she finished in the finals in second place. And in october 2009 Jackie sang at 'David Foster & Friends' concert at the Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey.

In another video from 2009 also found on Youtube, where Jackie is only 9 years old and singing 'O Mio Babbino Caro' at a local talent contest.

In november 2009, Evancho released her debut album 'Prelude To A Deam'. The album consisted mostly of classic songs such as 'Con te partiro', 'O mio babbino caro', 'The Prayer', 'Concrete Angel' and 'Amazing Grace'.

Jackie's parents withdrew 'Prelude To A Deam' back in september 2010 when they said that Jackie's voice had made, so much progress since the album was released. After Jackie's success on 'America's Got Talent', the album has become a collector's item and cost about 3000 US.dollars if you want to buy it in an auction.

After two earlier unsuccessful auditions for the 'America's Got Talent' show, Jackie's parents tried to send a video in which Jackie sings 'Panis Angelicus' into Youtube competition to join "America's Got Talent", and here was Jackie elected to participating in the fifth season of AGT.

In the 10'th august 2010, Jackie sang the aria 'O Mio Babbino Caro' in the show's quarterfinals round. Jackie got a standing ovation after her performance and won a trip to Universal Studios Florida for receiving the most fan votes of all the YouTube posts that had been to the show.

One of the judges Howie Mandel said in his criticism that the in the show, the judges would 'look for one moment, a star, a star from a place we've never seen before.. This is the moment.. You're the star..".

In the semifinal the 31 august 2010, Jackie sang the song 'Time to Say Goodbye'. She advanced to the top 10 where on the 7'th of september 2010 performed 'Pie Jesu' from Andrew Lloyd Webber's Requiem and was voted directly into the final.

Pittsburgh Mayor declared the following week 'Jackie Evancho Week' in appreciation 'for her positive representation of our city'. And the mayor also declared that the 16'th october 2011 is 'Jackie Evancho day'.

In the final Jackie sings Gounod's 'Ave Maria', on the 14'th of september. After this performance, the judge Piers Morgan said: 'I have never seen a presentation of this show or the British show or any of the other talent shows in the world, with more potential than Jackie Evancho. It was perfection. Perfection!'.

Also on the 15'th of september, on the final evening of America's Got Talent, Jackie sang the song 'Time to Say Goodbye' in a beautiful duet with Sarah Brightman.

But Jackie lost unfortunately for singer Michael Grimm. Many viewers and commentators believed that Evancho should have won, and Michael Grimm expressed surprise. The show brought a lot of attention Jackie, and up to 16 million viewers watched her videos on YouTube for weeks.

Almost immediately after the competition ended, signed Jackie contract with Columbia Records and began to fulfill her dream. New opportunities and extraordinary experiences stood ready for Jackie at this young age.

Jackie's debut album 'O Holy Night', was released in november 2010 and it was the year's number one best-selling debut albums with sales of over 1 million copies and Jackie recived a platinum plate. Jackie has a Guinness World Record for this album.

In june 2011, Jackie published her first studio album released 'Dream With Me'. A mixture of opera arias, musical songs and pop standards, the album debuted on the Billboard Top 200 chart at nice 2'nd place and and went gold after only four weeks. This album is produced by David Foster, who has won 16 grammy's for his music. Jackie became the youngest person ever to give a solo concert at Lincoln Center in New York City.

In 2011, Jackie recorded a magnificent duet with Barbra Streisand entitled 'Somewhere', as a part on 'Dream With Me In Concert' with David Foster. This wonderfull concert can you buy on DVD and Blueray, it is an absolute must for any Jackie fan.

In november 2011 Jackie published the album 'Heavenly Christmas' and was one of the best selling Christmas album this year. As of January 2012, over 300,000 copies of Heavenly Christmas had been sold in America.

In october 2012, the album 'Songs From The Silver Screen' was released, containing many of the best songs from some of the world's best movies. Jackie Evancho applies her brilliant voice and extraordinary artistry to an entirely new set of classics. For this album, Jackie collaborated with Grammy-winning producer/engineer Humberto Gatica.

In addition, selected owner of GUESS childrens Paul Marciano, to use Jackie as a model for his clothes in the autumn 2012 GUESS Kids children's wear campaign which will be unveiled late summer of the 2012.

Jackie tried acting. She had her debut as an actress in a movie with Robert Redford 'The Company You Keep', which had premiere in march 2013 in Denmark.

In july 2014, Jackie released a new song 'Go Time', Jackie's first real pop-song, but it is very good, you chould have a look at it.

And in september 2014, Jackie released the new album 'Awakening' and the song 'Think of me' that also was on Jackie's first album. Also songs from irish band 'U2' & dutch band 'Within Temptation'. And also in september 2014, Walmart announced that an Exclusive version of 'Awakening', would be released at Walmart only, with 6 new Christmas songs. But it looks like you can get this CD in other stores (I found it in Denmark).

In september 2014, four years since her big breaktrugh, Jackie was back at Americas Got Talent to preform with 'Think Of Me'.

In october 2014 Jackie recorded a fantastic duet with Peter Hollens, singing 'Hallelujah'. And the video has well over 7.7 milion hits on Youtube.

In december 2014 Jackie released a DVD 'Awakening live in concert', taped at the magnificent Longwood Gardens. Drawn from the best known pieces from the classical canon, Broadway, uplifting sacred music and pop songs, Jackie's astoundingly beautiful young voice soars again.

In april 2015, one of Jackie's biggest dreams came through, she got to sing a duet with Andrea Bocelli in Thailand, where they preformed with 'Time To Say Goodbye'.

Also in april 2015, Jackie recorded a cover of Taylor Swift's song 'Blank Space' with Nick Marzock.

The 'The Nation' commented in april 2015: 'If there's anything on Earth close to the sound of an angel, it must be the heavenly voice of Jackie Evancho'.

In august 2015 Jackie realeased a new video, with a cover of Ed Sheeran's song 'All Of The Stars'. The video is very close to Jackie's heart as it was inspired by her own personal experience of someone close to her, who is going through transitioning and are transgender.

In october 2015 Placido Domingo released a new album, where he sings 'Pie Jesu' and 'Guardian Angels' in a duet with Jackie.

Also in december 2015, Jackie released a cover of Taylor Swift's song 'Safe & Sound' from the movie 'The Hunger Games - The Civil Wars'.

In january 2016 Jackie released an new music video, featuring her cover of Sam Smith's James Bond song 'Writing's On the Wall'. The video's epic 007 drama, as the glamorously dressed songstress faces off against a villainous stalker (played by Jackie's sister Juliet).

In april 2016, Jackie released a new song, 'Apocalypse' that takes her in a truly pop direction. It is Jackie's fifth single (and video) from Jackie's new upcoming album that will come out this Summer. What a fantastic song.

On the 4'th of july 2016 at A Capitol Fourth, Washington, Jackie gave an amazing preformance with 'God Bless America'.

Jackie released her sixth full-length studio album, 'Someday at Christmas', on October 28, 2016 on the Sony Masterworks label. The album consists of nine previously released tracks, including collaborations with Placido Domingo, Peter Hollens and Vittorio Grigolo, and two new tracks, 'Someday at Christmas' and 'Little Drummer Boy'.

Also in october 2016, Jackie Evancho & Peter Hollens recorded a duet together from Peter Hollen's cd 'A Hollens Family Christmas', it is John Lennon's christmas song 'Happy Xmas (War is over)'.

In january 2017, Jackie released a CD titled 'Together We Stand', with three songs on it. Jackie said that 'Through the sale of this music I will be making a donation to charities in support of my sister Juliet. Help me support LGBT'.

Also in January 2017, Jackie sang the american national anthem 'The Star-Spangled Banner' at Donald J. Trump's inauguration as the president of The United States.

Jackie was on Fernando Varela's PBS Special, where they preformed with two songs 'A thousand Years' and 'The Prayer'.

In 2017, Jackie has announced that she signed a new record deal with Sony and that Jackie's next release, titled 'Two Hearts', is set to debut the 31 march 2017. It is expected to consist of an album of classical crossover songs, with an EP attached of pop tunes, Jackie has written.

Jackie has a voice big enough to fill Madison Square Garden, but she adapts it perfectly to the intimate surroundings of the Cafe Carlyle in april 2017. At 17 years old, Jackie is the youngest performer ever to play the room.

In may 2017, Jackie went to Beijing, China, to preform at the show 'Troy', where Jackie sang the theme song 'Set Me Free', from the epic horse show 'Troy'.

Jackie led a TV special in August 2017, on the TLC television network, called 'Growing Up Evancho', focusing on the Evanchos' efforts to secure transgender rights. In the TV special you will meet the hole Evancho family.

Jackie is a proud supporter of her transgender sister Juliet Evancho and the struggle for transgender equality. Jackie is also a big supporter of her mother Lisa's organization 'The Brave Heart Foundation', that will provide a safe, enriching, and affirmative place for homeless LGBTQ young adults ages 18-26, that will provide the emotional support and overall care needed for a healthy transition into adulthood.

Jackie returned to America Got Talent - The Champions in january 2019, where Jackie sang a flawless version of 'The Music Of The Night'. It serves as a spin-off/All-Star season, featuring high-placing contestants of the previous thirteen seasons of AGT and other Got Talent competitions around the world. It will premiere on January 7th, 2019. Jackie will appear on the show, monday the 4'th of february.

Jackie didn't move on to the finals round on 'America Got Talent - The Champions'. Jackie wrote on Twitter: Thank you for the love and support over my AGT performance tonight. I'm very proud but I'm sorry you didn't get to hear my most favorite part & the highest notes of the performance that was edited out! I'm bummed.

Jackie is now responsible for her own life and recently moved to New York where she can focus more on work and also live in a creative environment and ready for a fresh start in 2019. Jackie want to learn and grow. Jackie's love for music is profound, it's what drives her and transforms her. Jackie learned and been through so much, but this is her journey and she look forward to a bright future for the next phase of her life. But growing up as a child star has not been easy for Jackie, read what Jackie said about 'The dark side of child stardom'.

In january 2019 Jackie said that she also suffered from an eating disorder when she hit puberty. Jackie said she had been able to hide her eating disorder from her family for two years but eventually, her parents noticed she was skipping meals and not eating for days at a time. Jackie opened up about the hardships she faced growing up in the spotlight but said she has no regrets and hopes to use her own struggles to be a role model for other young girls.

In february 2019, Ana Ausfeld wrote a very touching text, about Jackie. You can read it here, and title is 'I wanted to be perfect'.

Despite being eliminated at America Got Talent - The Champions after a breathtaking performance of 'The Music of the Night' from the musical 'Phantom of the Opera', Jackie will appear in the finale of 'America Got Talent - The Champions' on the 18'th of february 2019 to perform with 'Somewhere', the classic West Side Story ballad.

Jackie released a new album the 12 april 2019, with the title 'The Debut'. Jackie said about this album: 'Fans can expect new material, that I think caters to both young and old,' Jackie says about continuing her success, 'I finally get to have full control of the direction I want to go in now that I'm 18. It's an album of songs taken from contemporary Broadway musicals, like Hamilton, Greatest Showman, Dear Evan Hansen, etc,' she adds, 'As an 18-year-old, I feel I have something unique to say with these songs [and] people tend to take my ideas a bit more seriously with the new age'.

The 12 april 2019, Jackie released a video with a fantastic version of 'Burn' from the musical 'Hamilton. Jackie basically took a really famous song and kind of put a modern twist to it because it's basically older-fashioned.

In april 2019, Jackie preformed at 'World Got Talent - China', where she did a fantastic preformance with 'O Mio Babbino Caro & Nessun Dorma', and moved on into the competition.

In june 2019, Jackie was in the semi-final of 'World Got Talent - China', where she preformed with the song 'A Million Dreams' from her album 'The Debut', a absolutely flawless preformance from Jackie, but she didn't move on to the finals round, to bad. You can also see Jackie's full preformance and the result from World Got Talent - China.

The 18 september 2019, Jackie released a video with a outstanding version of 'Im Not That Girl' from the musical 'Wicked'.

In the end of 2019, Jackie's parents decided to separate and are now divorcing. They are still great friends and are committed to their children. They’ve continued down the path of divorce and now they both have other significant others in their lives.

Also in september 2019, ackie has release a new video, where she sings a special re-imagined Bazzi cover with the song 'Dreams'.

In 2020, Jackie preformed seven times on the Fox show 'The Masked Singer'. On The Masked Singer, Jackie as the Kitty came straight out of the gate with a sexy performance of Ariana Grande’s 'Dangerous Woman'. This is obviously not a song that Jackie would normally sing as a classically trained opera singer. She danced on a chair as the Kitty and really was the perfect combination of sultry and sweet.

In march 2020, Jackie wrote a message on her Facebook page called 'My truth of 2020', about how we can all agree that this new year has not been off to the best start. With tragedy on top of tragedy, its hard to find the good in the world.

In may 2020, Jackie claps back at haters, after posting a suggestive photo on her Instagram page. People need to accept that Jackie Evancho is older now and wants to explore areas of artistry other than just opera, and is more than entitled to post a picture not fully covered up.

In october 2020 Jackie signed a record deal with with Nashville-based label Melody Place. In november 2020, Jackie released a new single with a cover of Joni Mitchell’s song 'River'.

But since the 'River' video that Jackie released in november 2020, nothing new came from Jackie, no posts, no pictures and no videos at all. But in november 2021, there was finally some news from Jackie, where she explains why she has been MIA for quite some time, Jackie feel now is the time for an honest explanation..

In june 2022 Jackie released a new music video for her stunning single 'Both Sides', from the upcomming new album Carousel of Time.

In august 2022, Jackie has revealed she has Osteoporosis a condition that weakens bones, that she developed after suffering from Anorexia, an eating disorder she has struggled with since she was a teenager. Jackie was involved in a car accident which left her with two broken bones which she described as 'unnatural', which prompted her to go see a doctor. Jackie says, 'That's how I learned that my eating problems caused Osteoporosis. So now Im 22 and I have Osteoporosis'. It is not uncommon for people with eating disorders to also develop Osteoporosis, according to Dr. Susan Albers. Jackie has been open about her struggles with anorexia, saying: 'Im still fighting, but I’m fighting, which is good because a year ago I was completely giving in to it, and it’s so dark and painful. Jackie opens how music saved her: 'It's the Reason I Exist'

Jackie released her ninth album, Carousel of Time, the 9'th of september 2022. Jackie throws herself into her music and uses it to create 'something beautiful out of something painful'. Jackie reveals that she is in a much better place now and is ready to make some changes in her life.

In december 2022, Jackie warns fans after scary incident. Jackie reminded fans that if her account doesn't have a Blue Check Mark attached to it, it's not Jackie. Jackie shared this in a new video on Instagram.

In january 2023, Jackie posted some fashion pictures in 'Harpers Bazaar'. And she's not afraid to step outside of the box. In that editorial, Jackie takes us on her fashion transformation throughout her day living in New York City.

In june 2023, Jackie revealed on her Facebook Page the inspiration behind her new song 'Get Out of My Life'. "It took me a bit to work up the courage to do this," Jackie said on the video. "I'm talking about something that's very personal... Sometimes we need to confront our demons and that is exactly what I'm doing".

In august 2023, Jackie revealed on Facebook: I’ve been busy in the studio for some time writing and recording new music that, through self discovery and finding my own ‘voice,’ is unlike anything I’ve ever done before. I hope you are as excited as I am about what’s to come! Stay tuned!!, Read more about it here

In september 2023, Jackie relesed her new song Behind My Eyes, a song she has written. Jackie said about this song: 'My lovely fans. I just wanted to take the time to write this and thank all of you for your love and support as I’ve embarked on this new journey. To know that I have your love as I begin this adventure has given me so much strength. I hope you all know that I adore you and credit you for helping me achieve my goals and live my dream. I wouldn’t be able to do any of it without you! So once again I truly thank you and look forward to the future!. Love, Jackie'.

Now, at 23, Jackie has moved beyond the ephemeral title of child prodigy and towards maturity as a singer, songwriter and artist. Embarking on a new creative direction, to tell her truth musically; Jackie sought out a creative, co-conspirator which led her to Smash Mouth’s founding member and principal songwriter, Greg Camp. The unlikely pair have since completed a 5 track EP (out in march 2024,) all songs written by Jackie and produced by Greg Camp.

In april 2024, there was finally some news about Jackie's new album 'Solla', it will be released 3 may 2024. All songs are written by Jackie, and produced by Jackie and Greg Camp. Jackie said: 'The new EP 'Solla' is a childhood dream of mine coming true. I have always longed to have my own work out there and for people to relate to it and feel understood by it. I have always wanted to share my truth within my music even if it’s not always easy to discuss. I chose this title to represent a specific point in my life. There’s a saying I’d heard that goes “Solla, Solla, Solla”. It’s something you say to yourself when celebrating the loss of something or someone you once loved and relinquishing them to an earlier part of your memory. I chose this to represent the beginning of this new phase in my career'.

Jackie is no longer the child prodigy, Jackie has blossomed into one of the greatest vocal talents in the world today. She is in many ways a typical young adult, she splits her time between Pittsburgh where her family lives and New York where she lives now, so that she can be closer to the creative community while at the same time being close to her family. Jackie's heart opens itself to more than music.

Jackie is in a unique position to bring a young woman's perspective to this stunning repertoire and to become one of the great voices of contemporary musical theatre in this generation.

And you can be sure that you are going to hear a lot more to Jackie in the future, Jackie's dream has only just begun ....

Keep dreaming Jackie.....

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