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News about Jackie from 2020
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11 november 2020 : New official video from Jackie Evancho, where she sings 'River'.

6 november 2020 : It looks like 'Jackie Evancho Youtube' has maybe seen this page or heard that the Jackie's videos was blocked on YouTube, but now all video's are un-blocked again, so everyone can watch them again.

25 october 2020 : Added a video from Jackie's Facebook, behind the scenes look at Jackie's time in the studio recording 'River', click here to watch it.

23 october 2020 : Jackie released a cover of Joni Mitchell’s song 'River' today. Read the lyrics and listen to the new song, just click here.

7 october 2020 : Jackie is expected to release a full album in early 2021. Singing sensation Jackie Evancho, whose last seven albums hit No. 1 on Billboard’s Classical Albums chart, has signed with Nashville-based label Melody Place. Jackie is in the studio with Fred Mollin, who has produced such artists as Kris Kristofferson and Johnny Mathis, recording her Melody Place debut single, a cover of Joni Mitchell's 'River'. The label will release the song Oct. 23 with distribution by BMG.

16 september 2020 : Jackie Evancho Vevo or Jackie Evancho YouTube are still making restrictions to which countries can watch Jackie's videos on YouTube. Here are a list of the videos that I have found that is blocked in Denmark so far.

10 august 2020 : 10 years ago today, something big happened for Jackie, that changed Jackie's life forever, if you can't guess it, you are not really a Jackie fan.

8 august 2020 : Our facebook page 'Jackie Evancho Danish Fans', has been opend again, after it was unpublished by Facebook. Facebook wrote to me: 'After reviewing your appeal, your facebook page has been published. This means it can now be viewed publicly.. But no reason why Facebook did it in the first place.

1 july 2020 : Added the lyrics for 'Dangerous Woman', 'Mercy', 'Mamas Broken Heart', 'True Colors', 'Its All Coming Back To Me Now', 'Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend' & 'Back To Black' from Jackie's preformances as Kitty at The Masker Singer.

21 june 2020 : Added a new video with Jackie where she sings 'Another day/No Day But Today' for The Children's Museum of Pittsburgh.

7 june 2020 : Our facebook Jackie Evancho Danish Fans page, has been unpublished by Facebook, and I qoute from the e-mail from Facebook: "Unfortunately, your Page,, has been unpublished because it violates the Facebook Pages terms". I dont understand why, and Facebook wont reply to my e-mails. My Facebook page has been online since 2013, with no problems at all.

5 june 2020 : Added a video from Opera Queensland, with Jackie singing 'Ombra Mai Fu'. Click here to watch

25 may 2020 : Added a video from Jackie's YouTube. Quote 'I decided to gift everyone a little special something to make our bond stronger than steel'. Click here to watch

13 may 2020 : Added a new TV interview from Fox7 Austin with Jackie. Click here to watch

12 may 2020 : Jackie claps back at haters, after posting a suggestive photo on her Instagram page. People need to accept that Jackie Evancho is older now and wants to explore areas of artistry other than just opera, and is more than entitled to post a picture not fully covered up.

11 may 2020 : Added a new TV interview from Entertainment Tonight with Jackie and Juliet. Click here to watch

8 may 2020 : Added 3 new TV interviews with Jackie. Click here to watch them

7 may 2020 : Jackie Evancho became the latest disguised celebrity to be eliminated from Season 3 of Fox's "The Masked Singer" competition series. You can watch all seven preformances with Jackie as 'Kitty', in the music video page, Click here
Also added an interview with Jackie after the reveal. Click here to watch it

14 april 2020 : New video from Jackie on YouTube. Enjoy a short video of me celebrating my birthday with my crazy, growing family. Stay safe everyone. You can watch the video: Click here

9 april 2020 : HAPPY BIRTHDAY JACKIE.. 20 years.. Have a fantastic day with family and friends...

8 april 2020 : New video from Jackie on YouTube, about a couple more days of us doing our thing in lock down., with Corona COVID-19 quarantine with the Evancho's and Co. You can watch the video: Click here

1 april 2020 : New video from Jackie on YouTube, about how we handle boredom, with Corona COVID-19 quarantine with the Evancho's and Co. You can watch the video: Click here

30 march 2020 : From a new interview with '': Jackie says: 'We can all agree that this new year has not been off to the best start. With tragedy on top of tragedy, it’s hard to find the good in the world. Now with the virus, the world is in a state of panic and pessimism. 'My goal so far has been to try to find a silver lining in all of this. Other than maybe the water clearing and pollution lowering all around the world, I’ve found another silver lining that may or may not be individual to me and my family'. Some background is needed for this to make sense. Starting at the end of 2019, my parents decided to separate and are now divorcing. They are still great friends and are committed to their children. They’ve continued down the path of divorce and now they both have other significant others in their lives. I love both of my parent’s partners, and as their child, I wish for them both to be happy no matter what. What's even more amazing is that my mom's partner is a transgender female, and my dad's partner has a daughter who I already see as another sister. Admittedly, it was hard at first for all of us. We viewed their separation as the falling apart of a family. They were my ideal idea of love, and I felt that disappeared before my eyes. Through deep thought and consideration, though, I learned that their love is still there and even stronger without the strain of marriage over their shoulders. They are even happier when communicating now.

20 march 2020 : Message from Jackie:
Hello to all my loving fans. I’m sure it comes as no surprise that I have to cancel and/or reschedule my April concert dates in Florida due to COVID 19. The health and safety of every community is top priority and I am following the instructions of the CDC and local governments on tour practices. Tickets purchased will be honored if we are able to reschedule these dates and inquiries regarding refunds can be directed to the box office where tickets were purchased. I was hoping to give all who attend my shows some relief from the chaos, but health and safety is key. I wish the best to all of you and your families.
Please stay safe and I hope to see you soon.

18 february 2020 : Added a home video from 'Amazing Kids And Teens', with Jackie singing 'She Used to be Mine'. Click here to watch it.

1 january 2020 : Happy new year to all of you.

Picture from Jackie's Instagram (2020)

Picture from Jackie's Instagram (2020)

Picture from Jackie's Instagram (2020)

Picture from Jackie's Instagram (2020)

Picture from Jackie's Instagram (2020)

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