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News about Jackie from 2021
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9 november 2021 : News from Jackie, where she explains why she has been MIA for quite some time, Jackie feel now is the time for an honest explanation.

2 november 2021 : Fred Mollin (Jackies producer) announces that Jackies anticipated new album, to be released in the first quarter of 2022.

29 june 2021 : Nothing new from Jackie Evancho, and we have no idear what is going on, and why nothing has been posted from Jackie since 11'th of november 2020.

9 april 2021 : HAPPY BIRTHDAY JACKIE.. 21 years.. Have a fantastic day with family and friends...

13 february 2021 : Once again Facebook has unpublished our Jackie Evancho page, and I qoute from the e-mail from Facebook: "Unfortunately, your Page,, has been unpublished because it violates the Facebook Pages terms". I dont understand why, and Facebook wont reply to my e-mails. My Facebook page has been online since 2013, with no problems at all. Again I have to take a fight with Facebook to get the page open again. Is it all worth it ?, I guess not, I will NOT make a new Facebook page....

1 january 2021 : Happy new year to all of you.

Picture from Jackie's Facebook (2021)

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