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Jackie Evancho Warns Fans After Scary Incident
(16 december 2022)

Evancho shared this in a new video: "Very recently, within the hour, an individual — unknown individual — showed up at my family residence in search of me, clearly very frustrated, claiming that they had been speaking to me".

Jackie continued by saying that there are "a lot of imposter accounts on social media pretending to be me." Jackie reminded fans that if an account doesn't have a blue check mark attached to it, it's not her."And so for your safety, my safety, and my family's safety, please, please be aware of the blue check mark," Jackie said, adding, "Everyone’s okay. The cops showed up. Everything’s fine, but it does bring to light a situation that I had to address."

In the caption of her post, Evancho reminded fans, "Look for the blue check mark!". Fans in the comments shared how glad they were that everyone was okay.

This is what you want to look for, the little blue checkmark. If it is there it is not fake account, it's the same on both Instagram and Facebook.

Jackie's video on Instagram:
Date: 16 december 2022

Source: Jackie Evancho Instagram

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