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Jackie Evancho releases new original single
8 september 2023 - Unknown.

Last week, Evancho shared on Instagram that 'Behind My Eyes' is “the first song to be released both written and sung by me”. She added that it’s “unlike anything I’ve released before”. The song is available today friday 8'th september, along with an atmospheric lyric video.

Jackie said: If I’m being honest, I’m nervous to share this part of me. While it’s who I’ve been for a while, it will be new to you all. In the end, it’s my truth, and I hope you all take a piece of it with you... It’s unlike anything I’ve released before, and I can’t wait for you all to hear it. Listen now and watch the full lyric video at the link in my bio. 'Behind My Eyes' is a song I wrote to almost exemplify the feeling of losing it. There are feelings of paranoia, euphoria, and mania.

Jackie added: The making of 'Behind My Eyes' with my amazing producer Greg Camp. You have to build and edit and re-edit. I’m so happy with how the bridge came together, from layering my vocals in the studio to the final product. Thank you all for the love and support so far. Means more than you know. Hope you like it too!.

Jackie also added: It’s a big jumble of many things at once, and often it is hard to understand and empathize with the one trying to explain this. I didn’t totally know what my vision was for this song when I wrote it, but I do know you have to start somewhere.

A new album will be out in 2024. Jackie sought out a creative, co-conspirator which led her to Smash Mouth’s founding member and principal songwriter, Greg Camp. The unlikely pair have since completed a 5 track EP (out in 2024,) all songs written by Jackie and produced by Greg Camp.

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 Listen to 30 sec. of 'Behind My Eyes' :

Greg Camp and Jackie Evancho
Jackie Evancho and Greg Camp

Official video for 'Behind My Eyes':

Date: 8 september 2023

Source: Official Jackie Evancho Youtube

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