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Carousel of Time

Album Info : Title: Carousel of Time.
Released: 9 September 2022.
Play time: 40:00 min.
Produced by: Fred Mollin.
Executive producer: Leigh Shockey.
Label: Melody Place.
Number of discs: 1.
Listen to the album :

Album details :
Jackie Evancho has been working on a musical panegyric of Joni Mitchell for some time. Closures from the pandemic led to the album's delay. The album 'Carousel of Time', will hit consumers in the late summer of 2022, with at least 2 more singles slated for release on digital streaming platforms ahead of the full-length album.

Jackie Evancho says about recording songs by Joni Mitchell: 'I can’t begin to tell you all how happy I am to finally share that new music is here. As some of you have guessed, I’ve been hard at work on a collection of Joni Mitchell songs. She inspires me as an artist and I hope I do justice to her stellar body of work. Stepping into the world of Joni Mitchell was inspiring and a pleasure to say the least. I had a lot of fun learning more about Joni Mitchell through her music, as well as finding ways to make it my own'.

Jackie Evancho recorded the album with an all-star band of musicians at the famed Sound Stage Studio in Nashville, with producer Fred Mollin with additional recording at Audio Images, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

On the heels of signing with Melody Place, multi-platinum selling vocalist Jackie Evancho has released three new singles, 'Both Sides Now', 'Blue' and 'A Case of You'. In 2020, she released 'River' in time for the Christmas Holiday.

Jackie said: 'Im thrilled to be back in the studio and even more thrilled to be doing it in Nashville. Im very excited for the journey I am about to embark on and to be recording for Melody Place'.

Jackie's expanding repertoire, collaborations with artists and writers, have inspired a new generation of fans eager for more. And at 22, Jackie Evancho is in a unique position to bring her vast experience and young woman's perspective to her debut at Melody Place. She has moved past the exuberant promise of a child prodigy, becoming a young adult with a clear vision of the path she wants to take as a performer.

Track list :
  1. Both Sides Now - 4:18
  2. River - 3:15
  3. The Circle Game- 5:21
  4. The Gallery - 4:14
  5. A Case of You - 3:52
  6. Blue - 2:53
  7. For Free - 4:10
  8. I had A King - 3:49
  9. Rainy Night House - 3:38
  10. Urge for Going - 5:24

The front cover for Jackie's album 'Carousel of Time'

The back cover for Jackie's album 'Carousel of Time'

Behind the scenes at my time in the studio recording 'River', this amazing Joni Mitchell song:
Date: 25 october 2020

Source: Jackie Evancho Facebook

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