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Album Info : Title: Solla.
Released: 3 may 2024.
Time: 21:46 min.
Produced by: Jackie Evancho and Greg Camp.
Label: Melody Place.
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Album details :

Jackie said: "I’ve been busy in the studio for some time writing and recording new music that, through self discovery and finding my own ‘voice,’ is unlike anything I’ve ever done before. I’ve gone from classical to pop music because it’s just kind of what naturally happened. It’s the style that I write, and my lifelong goal, since I can remember, was singing the music that I wrote. Importantly Jackie's shift to pop music doesn’t diminish her love for classical music.

Jackie reassured her fans by saying, “It’s not that I don’t love classical anymore. I always will, and I’ll probably always still sing it. I hope you are as excited as I am about what’s to come! Stay tuned!!". This statement also shows that her classical roots remain an integral part of her musical identity, and she values the timeless beauty of classical music.

Solla | n. an incantation whispered privately to yourself to celebrate the loss of someone you loved, which almost makes it feel like a deliberate renunciation, consciously deciding to relinquish them to an earlier part of your life.

Solla is a childhood dream of mine coming true. I have always longed to have my own work out there and for people to relate to it and feel understood by it. I have always wanted to share my truth within my music even if it’s not always easy to discuss..

I chose this title to represent a specific point in my life. There’s a saying I’d heard that goes "Solla, Solla, Solla". It’s something you say to yourself when celebrating the loss of something or someone you once loved and relinquishing them to an earlier part of your memory. I chose this to represent the beginning of this new phase in my career.

The new chapter of my music is in full bloom. I am so excited for you guys to hear my new EP Solla.

Track list:
  1. Behind My Eyes 2.0 - 3:04.
  2. Get out of My Life - 3:53.
  3. Smoking Gun - 4:01.
  4. Lost and Found - 4:15.
  5. Broken Things - 3:11.
  6. Consequences - 3:59.

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