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Song info : Songwriter: Joni Mitchell
Info: About the song 'Blue'
Time: 2:54
Release date: 9 september 2022
Found on CD/: Carousel of Time
Produced by: Fred Mollin

Jackie said about Joni Mitchell : Stepping into the world of Joni Mitchell was inspiring and a pleasure to say the least. I had a lot of fun learning more about Joni Mitchell through her music, as well as finding ways to make it my own.
Listen to 'Blue' :

Lyrics :
Songs are like tattoos
You know I've been to sea before
Crown and anchor me
Or let me sail away

Hey Blue
And there is a song for you
Ink on a pin

Underneath the skin
An empty space to fill in
Well there're so many sinking
Now you've got to keep thinking
You can make it thru these waves

Acid, booze, and ass
Needles, guns, and grass
Lots of laughs
Lots of laughs

Everybody's saying that hell's the hippest way to go well
I don't think so, but I'm
Gonna take a look around it though Blue

I love you

Hey Blue
Here is a shell for you
Inside you'll hear a sigh
A foggy lullaby

There is your song from me (Jackie does not sing this line)

The front cover for Jackie's album 'Carousel of Time'

The back cover for Jackie's album 'Carousel of Time'

Date: 7 september 2022

Source: Fox5 New York

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WGN News :

26 october 2022
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