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She Knew

Song info : Songwriters: James Breedwell.
Info: With James Breedwell at Nashville Palace in 2008.
Found on CD: Not released on CD.
Listen to 30 sec. of this song :

Lyrics :
In an old wooden box in a closet over there
lies presious things she's kept for all these years
like the rose that have dried up
and the cards take her back in time
to a place so far away where forever felt so right

Theres a ring that he gave her with all his I love yous
Still on her finger it's never been moved
and every now and then she'll hold her wedding dress
dance around the room at night pretending that it's him

And she twirls around the room
remembering the moment, the moment that she knew
when she felt her heart move
what every girl wishes would come true she knew

She still has hos picture of there first kiss
at the valentine party ehrn they were just kids
and there's a piece of rice she's kept as it was thrown
the little things mean so much when it's hard to let go

He's been gone for awhile now and the children moved on too
so in those times she feels alone she knows what to do

Watch a video with Jackie And James Breedwell singing 'She Knew':
Date: 2008

Source: James Breedwell Youtube

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