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Dream With Me

Song info : Songwriter: David Foster, Linda Thompson & Jackie Evancho.
Time: 2:09.
Found on CD: Dream With Me.
Found on DVD: Dream With me - In Concert.
Listen to 30 sec. of this song :

Lyrics :
If I could capture the moon
And paint a sky full of blue
Fight scattered storms

To light the night
If I could skip along clouds
And hear the wind sing out loud
Rewrite the rhyme

And slow down time
I see a world
Where every boy and girl
Has all they need
To live free
Imagine all words that's kind

With not a child left behind
Where everyone
Could share the sun
Life is only a dream

Dream with me

Front CD cover for 'Dream With Me'

Back CD cover for 'Dream With Me'

Watch a video of Jackie singing 'Dream With Me' from the 'Dream With Me in Concert' DVD::
Date: April 2011

Source: Jackie Evancho Youtube

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