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The end for

Due to declining interest in this site, it is with great sadness that this website will NOT be updated after 30 march 2024. If there is declining interest in Jackie Evancho or if it's just that my website isn't exciting enough, I don't know. There are no guests to this website who have signed the guestbook in 18 month. And on our Facebook page, only 6 likes and only 9 followers also in 18 month. And that proves to me that there is no interest in the page anymore. I have spend so many hours creating and updating, and right now I feel like it's a waste of my time to keep doing this. A speciel thank you to the faithful users of, I'm very greatfull for all your comments and messages to me over the years. Sadly this is the end for, after more than 13 years of keeping you updated about all the news about Jackie Evancho.

Update 25 january 2024:
After receiving some very nice personal messages, I have decided to give the website a second chance, but ONLY if there is increased traffic on the website and our Facebook Page has more than 500 followers by March 30, 2024.

Kind regards Bo ~ Webmaster

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